Street art in Rome.
Anonymous: You both seem so secure in yourselves, how did you come about that? Was it internal realization or external influence?


The more time I spent in nature in the beautifully unorganized chaos of the world around me I became more organized within myself. self awareness, self love. Through letting go of the insignificant materialistic world I was able to be more secure with who I simply was. 

-bio water bender

It was all internal realizations for me, constantly battling misconceptions of self and challenging how I felt the world to perceive me/take me. My security of self had to come from me, it would be impossible for me to be secure if it solely depended on people telling me how amazing/beautiful I was. I had to know it for myself, by my self. This took diligence and constant little battles within but I finally did it. Sometimes I slip up and insecurities rear their ugly ass head up but I have the strength within me now to smash them back down to the pits of hell they came from.


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